January 2017 - Breakfasts temporarily on hold!

Please email with any of your enquiries!

Please see message below:

Thankyou to xtalk for primary funding since 2013 (around £12,000 in total), to SWOU for £1300 and  to Edge Fund who gave £500 in 2015 and a further £3000 in November 2016.  £2300 of this was returned, as other organisations (notably LCAPSV and Anti Raids and many more) work against white supremacism, racism, austerity and state violence in ways this project does not.  Troubled by the privilege of whiteness that isn't examined in sex worker circles, I hope that if anyone continues this project they are able to tackle these obstacles.  These breakfasts have been vital to the safety of many but perhaps sex worker rights is strong enough in 2017 to grow from these reflections.  Please be sure to use another contact number, but the email still works.  

The £300 from Edge Fund kept is to pay for any future training should anyone wish to take on the task - I think I have some valuable skills to pass on, together with the awareness of the very real potential to help facilitate, or witness.  This is, and it bears repeating, exacerbated by the urgent need for full decriminalisation. With gratitude for so much learned, and for so many exceptional people still keeping one another safer. 

Free tea, coffee and delicious breakfast snacks.  A welcoming space for social support with other sex workers.  Know your rights, safety, solidarity, one-to-one EFL support.  

Breakfasts for sex workers are an autonomous space for current sex workers only.  The breakfasts benefit from the support of various organisations, but breakfasts remain independent and autonomous.  All types of sex work and transactional sex count and 'sex worker' is self-defining.  All genders are welcome.    

These breakfasts are confidential.  You don't have to give any name or information, and we ask that you don't say who was there or what was discussed.  Please note that we aim to prioritise workers who know the fewest people and that this space does its very best in its aims to avoid cliques or any kind of in-crowd, but this is a constant challenge.  Sex worker support continues to be risky and conditional on status, sidelining those with the most precarious circumstances, and that is often true of those attending the breakfast space itself.  This is currently a serious challenge to this project.  Creating more division and doing more harm is a possibility we have to recognise.  For all those who have found the space 'safe' and vital to their safety, there have been others who have been unable to say that it has been very much the opposite.  Those who speak up are not necessarily an accurate gauge of an idea's success.

Breakfasts recognise the many different reasons for and approaches to working in this industry, and the aim is that together we judge none. Breakfasts are for safety and support and if this isn't working, always say so!

Breakfasts are essentially an offline, real-time space.

Racism is not acceptable.